Our Weekly Menu • Feb 26th - Mar 3rd

Important Update

As part of Planti’s resolution and vision for the future, there will be a few changes in 2018.
I care deeply about Planti’s mission and I did not make these choices lightly. Here are some of the things that will be changing in 2018, to allow Planti to begin thinking about other great ways to serve you:

  • Meal delivery will be moving from daily delivery to two delivering times per week (Monday and Wednesday) We will still offer 5 days of meals, you will just be getting them on Monday or Wednesday.
  • As part of a way minimize pollution, water will no longer be included in meals
  • To make meals more accessible for anytime, we have begun working with Fruitful Yield to begin keeping stock of some of our meals in selected stores for those last minute lunch needs

Order Your Planti Meal Today

Just click below to order through our form and let us know which days you would like your meals delivered when filling out the form. It’s that easy! We will send you an invoice for payment which can be paid by Venmo, check, or cash!

Monday Delivery

The following two meals will be delivered on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH.  Choose one, or both and we’ll get them to you by Monday. Please use the number assigned to the meals when ordering.

Sweet Potato Falafel Bowl
Meal Option 1 – Monday Delivery

This new creation has a fall twist on our Greek Bowl. Sweet potato falafels on top of savory quinoa, seasoned kale, roasted carrots, roasted brussel sprouts, crispy apples, cranberries and a side of green tahini dressing made with parsley and sage. Last time we did this we got so many compliments!

Chopped Kale Power Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing
Meal Option 2 – Monday Delivery

This filling, healthy kale salad satisfies all of my ‘perfect salad’ requirements. It is healthy ~ check! It is pretty to look at ~ check! It contains roasted sweet potatoes and avocados ~ check! It is tossed with a creamy tahini dressing ~ check! Also, chickpeas, almonds, cranberries, red onion and kale.


Wednesday Delivery

The following three meals will be delivered on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28th. Choose one, two, or all three and we’ll get them to you by WEDNESDAY. Please use the number assigned to the meals when ordering.

Vegan Tacos on Quinoa Tortillas
Meal Option 3 – Wednesday Delivery

Tacos, tacos, tacos! The vegan meat is made from cauliflower, mushrooms and walnuts, a combination that gives you the taste and texture of taco meat. The tortillas are made from quinoa, so they are gluten-free. Toppings include lettuce, tomato, salsa and cashew cream. 550 calories for three tacos, including all the toppings.

Eggplant Vegan Parm
Meal Option 4 – Wednesday Delivery

This was a hit last time! Chef Dana came through with crispy eggplant and savory quinoa in the base. This eggplant parm with have a gluten-free breadcrumb and mozzerella made from cashews. In addition to eggplant there will also be red peppers, zucchini and basil to round it out. This is the most nurtitous eggplant parm you’ve ever had!

Rainbow Spring Rolls
Meal Option 5 – Wednesday

Mouth watering mangos, carrots, beets, red and yellow peppers, cilantro and mint make up this spring roll. With a ginger peanut dipping sauce, yaaasssss! I want it now! I had a customer reach out and say, it was the best thing she ever put in her mouth. Don’t miss it.