Our Weekly Menu • May 21st - 25th

How We Deliver

Meal delivery is two times a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. We offer 5 different meals a week, two options for Monday delivery and three options for Wednesday delivery.


Click the option below to order all 5 weekly Planti Meals for the week with a bulk discount. You will receive first two items on Monday and the other three for the Wednesday delivery date.

Monday Delivery

The following two meals will be delivered MONDAY, May 21st. Choose one or both, and we’ll get them to you on Monday. Don’t forget to order breakfast!

Wednesday Delivery

The following three meals will be delivered WEDNESDAY, May 25th. Choose one, two or all three and we’ll get them to you on Wednesday.

Desserts • Breakfast • Drinks

Planti Meals also offers delicious homemade desserts and breakfast options to go with your lunch orders.  La Croix Flavors are also available as add-ons. Order them below.
(must order with a Planti Meal or meet a minimum of $14)